Cryptocurrency Trading Made Easy

A free app that uses Artificial intelligence to buy and sell crypto for you.

Earn 2.5% to 4.0% Compounding Daily 365 Days a Year.

You Won't Get that from the Bank!

Registration at ITP Corporation is Simple

Register for FREE and Get $8 to Test the System 


1. Just use your Cell Phone number and your password when registering.

Be sure to put in your correct Country code (+1)for America.

2.  Write down your password and save it in a safe place and write down this url for future logins:

3.  Once registered with ITP Coporation, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the little icon that looks like this:


4.  Next, click on the blue bar that looks like this:


5.  Now, let the system do the trade automatically for you. You can watch it happen in real time. Once the trade is finished, you will see how much you made at the top right of the page. It looks like this.


NOTE: You need to click on the blue bar 5x to trade 5x but you have to wait for the trade to finish in between each click.

6.  Trade 5x every day until the system will not let you go further until you make a life changing decision.  At that point, you will need to decide if you want to keep the $8 and the profits you earned, add your own money, and continue trading, or let doubt cloud your mind and walk away.

The minimum is $100 (max. $20,000 for the first level).

Most people spend 100.00 on a restaurant meal or a night out at the movies!

You will double your money in 30-40 days instead of flushing it down the toilet!

Need Help?

Contact (Linda or my husband, Roger) at or call 1 902 675-4328.

It would be great if you email me and introduce yourself as the registration is anonymous, so I won't be getting your name or your email when you sign up. 

If you contact me, I can answer your questions, keep you updated, invite you to webinars, share videos, and help you invite others to trade (optional but lucrative for you).  See below... 

Compensation Plan:  There is a 3 Level compensation plan with ITP Corporation paying 3 levels - 12%, 4%, 2% PER DAY on the profits of your referrals on your team.

As you can see, it pays huge if you are willing to share this opportunity with others.

Happy days ahead!