Help for Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease

by Grace Rasmussen
(Minnesota, USA)

66 years old and I still love sledding!

66 years old and I still love sledding!

Hi to you all from Southern MN, where life is not always beautiful, but it is sometimes thinking outside the box that helps it to be easier, and makes it work.

I always try to think about better ways to do something, or go about something, and becoming a member of LiveGood, and using their great products, is one way I am doing that.

I have been using their Factor4 for about a week and have noticed a lot less inflammation, as that is my biggest obstacle to feeling good.

I deal with autoimmune issues, and a lot of things with that contribute to inflammation.

I have just started adding the Super Reds to my morning vitamin drink and am excited to see how much better I feel using them.

I am also adding them to my husband's drink, without mentioning it to him, as I want to see if he seems any better.

My experiment, as he has had heart blockage issues, and at 70, needs to have more energy for upcoming calving season.

I am thankful and grateful that the products are so affordable, which will make them available for a lot more people to use.

I love the company, its mission to get high quality products to everyone who needs them, at an affordable price.

We need to spread the word as fast as possible, as many people need them, and can't afford the price tag on other companies' products.

Thanks for sharing this LiveGood company with us, and helping us become better off financially, as well as health wise!

Thank you LiveGood!

Our company ships products world-wide. Feel free to check out my LiveGood website here.


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Thank you for your LiveGood testimonial, Grace
by: Linda

Hi Grace,

I was so happy to find out that you had joined our LiveGood team.

Great news about how you have noticed less inflammation from taking the Factor4!

I had to laugh when I read that you were putting supplements in your husband's drink without him knowing. Good thing it's not

That's interesting that calving season is coming up for him. I didn't know you were farmers. I would love to know about your lifestyle.

I too love sledding. I'm 69 years old and sometimes go sledding all by myself in the back of our property where we have a steep hill. I laugh all the way down all by myself

I wish you all the best with your health and your LiveGood business in the coming new year.

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