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by PJ Cusack

Greetings from Ireland

Greetings from Ireland

Hi Linda,

I was really intrigued when I was introduced to LiveGood and especially when I saw the Vitamin D3-K2 procuct because I really needed this product to boost my immune system.

I'm an outdoor person from a farming background and also involved in Healing Ministry. This time of year in Ireland we have very limited sunshine and so we really need to top up our reserves of Vitamin D3-K2.

Because I'm meeting/caring for people almost on a daily basis I need to be in good health and shape.

I haven't had a cold or flu since January 2019 and when I saw LiveGood's Vitamin D3-K2 I jumped on board immediately.

No doubt I'll be shopping for other products from LiveGood and the one that instantly comes to mind is the CBD Oil. I'm looking forward to trying out the CBD Oil because CBD Oil has loads of essential health benefits.

Sincere Thanks to Roger and Linda for sharing the LiveGood opportunity with me.

Feel free to check out my LiveGood website here.

Live Long and Prosper!

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Welcome to our LiveGood Team, P.J.
by: Linda from PEI

Thank you for sharing with us, P.J.

You are right about needing vitamin D. Here in Prince Edward Island, Canada, we too are short on sunlight in the winter, so we bought the vitamin D as well.

I bought the CBD oil. I've read so much about CBD oil over the past few months and always wanted to try it but wow... the prices on some products are just way too much with some companies. That's one of the biggest reasons Roger and I switched our supplement shopping source to LiveGood. Their prices are so much more affordable.

All the best with improving your health!

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