LiveGood is the way to go...

by Ken
(Muskoka, Ontario)

Loving Life in Muskoka

Loving Life in Muskoka

Hello, My name is Ken Bradford.

I now live in the Muskoka area.

It is so beautiful and peaceful here. A lot of wildlife to see and enjoy, like moose, deer, foxes, snowy owls, and so much more.

Outdoor activities are in abundance.

Just the other day I went snowshoeing on the lake.

Enjoying this lifestyle requires an upkeep of good health. Good nutrition is so costly these days, at least that is what I have seen in the past, until I was introduced to a company called LiveGood.

I looked at the cost of the products and was amazed at the prices. Some as low as 80% in comparison to other high-quality products. This allowed me to be able to choose multiple products at once without breaking the bank.

Good health is here to stay due to being able to afford quality nutrients and keeping up on the outdoor activities.

Just take a look and you will be amazed.

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Welcome to LiveGood, Ken
by: Linda from PEI

Hi Ken,

Thanks so much for joining our LiveGood team.

It's so nice to connect with you again.

It sounds like you are really enjoying your life in Muskoka and no wonder... it really is a lovely place to live. I used to go camping and boating in that area growing up and even into my young, married life.

I loved it too and often ask Roger if he'd like to move that way.

All the best with your LiveGood health and wellness adventure.

Keep in touch.

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