Healthy Beginnings

by Wendell Brewster
(Nova Scotia)

An Entrepreneur at Heart

An Entrepreneur at Heart

Hi there!

My name is Wendell Brewster.

I was born in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada.

As a kid growing up, I was constantly finding myself looking for new challenges and opportunities to be a "Successful Kid Entrepreneur".

I remember finding plastic soap holders in my house and asking my mother if I could sell them, since they were never used. LOL. So off I went knocking on doors in my quaint little community looking to strike a deal on these amazing soap devices.

My desire to continue with new business adventures has never stopped. I ended up dropping out of high school and heading off to bigger things in Toronto, Canada. There, I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime from a Six Figure Income Earner.

I became a HeadHunter/Recruiter in the Information Technology Industry. From there I never looked back.

I opened things up to the OnLine Industry. It's been Bitter-Sweet to say the least. I lost thousands of dollars over the years, falling for the Lotion and Potions, Make Money Fast opportunities.

Only in the last few years have I stopped losing money. I have learned so much from my losses in the past.

To succeed, due diligence is a priority in any business. Know the owners, know the products, understand the short term and long-term benefits.

Be patient, learn to trust your instincts and surround yourself with proven leaders.

LiveGood fits everything I just mentioned! On top of that, you save a lot of money and can know that you are taking quality products to maintain and improve your health.

Another huge benefit is telling others about LiveGood and earning a part time/full time income! Or simply become a customer and save a lot of money and use quality proven products for better health.

If I can do it, anyone can!
I hope you will join me in this uplifting adventure!

Feel free to visit my LiveGood website here.

All the very best!
Your Fellow Entrepreneur

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I love your LiveGood Testimonial
by: Linda from PEI

Thank you so much for submitting your LiveGood testimonial, Wendell.

I can relate to so much of it.

If I wasn't already a member of LiveGood, I would join under

I started my entrepreneurial journey by breeding mice and gerbils when I was eleven years old. I sold them to the local pet store!

My next adventure was going door to door selling Regal products from their catalogue.

My brother and I used to sing Christmas Carols at people's doors and get tips. I was his manager. I'd knock on the door, step back, and let him sing, and split the

I had a cleaning business, two second-hand stores, and a gift shop.

From home now, I'm building a website about Prince Edward Island, and am preparing to rent out house for a BnB in the future.

I also have a worm farm. I sell red wiggler worms for composting.

My daughter and I breed Bernese Mountain Dogs as well.

For as long as I can remember my dad had always encouraged me to have my own business.

When I met Roger, he introduced me to MLM. What a whirlwind it's been. I'm glad to have found LiveGood right at a time when we really need to improve our health and also needing to earn a little extra income so we can continue to live the country lifestyle we love so much.

Thanks again for your contribution, and all the best with your health and LiveGood business adventure.

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