Welcome to Our: LiveGood "Just Two" Team Build 

We live in Prince Edward Island, but you can join LiveGood from anywhere in the world!

What is LiveGood?

Team Work Makes the Dream Work...


That is an old cliche, but it's so true!

Roger and Linda's LiveGood Team 

We value your trust in us as your LiveGood sponsors and are ready and willing to help you build your business.

We can't succeed without you, and you likely cannot without us.  Let's all commit to building the biggest team in LiveGood!

Get Two!

Numeral 2

We want to help our members get two personal referrals and in turn, help those two get two, and so on, until every one of our team members has at least two signups.

That is totally possible if everyone does "just a little" each day to share the LiveGood opportunity and products with others.

Don't feel you need to bring in hundreds of people to be successful. That will feel overwhelming. Although - we encourage you to share the LiveGood products and opportunity with as many people as you can.

Our Team Mantra:  Just Two!

Get two, then send those two to this LiveGood team build page. The direct link is: https://www.lifeinpei.com/livegood.html

Below is a List of Things to Help you Get Two

Over time, we will be sharing additional things on this page that will help you grow your business.  Please participate in everything you possibly can.

Some are free and some are not.  Some are beginner friendly, and some are for seasoned marketers.

Pick one now and get started.  

Option #1, Submit a LiveGood Testimonial

We ask that everyone on our team submit a LiveGood testimonial or review.  This is optional of course, but this is a great way to share your enthusiasm for the products and the home business opportunity. If someone is looking for LiveGood information, they just might land on "your" page and join your team!

We are already seeing some of our member's testimonials showing good rankings on google and bing.

It is absolutely free!

I will create a full-page testimonial on our Prince Edward Island website for you.

Our PEI website was originally meant to promote our Bed and Breakfast but it has proven to be a good platform for sharing the LiveGood products and business opportunity and many of our business friends have decided they want to visit Prince Edward Island and stay with us.

You will need to submit your testimonial in the form on this page: https://www.lifeinpei.com/organic-powdered-greens.html

Help with your submission:

If you scroll down that page (past the submission box) you will see links to some of our member’s pages that we have already created. Those testimonials will give you some ideas of how you can word your own review.

Please DO NOT make exaggerated claims about the products curing cancer or other major health issues. Customers will experience the benefits for themselves.

Simply fill out the box on that page with a good title (something you think someone might search for on google). The title is what will end up being the url for your page so choose wisely.

Upload a picture.

Upload one picture of yourself. It says 4 but I only want one. It needs to be .gif or .jpg format. If you don't know what I'm talking about just email me your pic but don't email me your testimonial. 


Put your LiveGood website link in your submission. You can use your retail link, your corporate link, or your tour link.  Choose only one!

Thanks for contributing. The more people who do this, the more traffic we will get to the page which will help "everyone" on our team.

You can even promote your testimonial page anywhere you want to. I will email you your page url once I have published it.

Option#2, Not Free but ONLY $10

Our LiveGood Rotator

"I've only been active in the rotator for a few days, and I already have a sign-up!  Roger and Linda's LiveGood Team Build is the easiest way to build a business." David Lewis (Florida, U.S.A)

Placement in our main LiveGood advertising rotator will be $10 for each month you want to participate in it.

This rotator url https://o-trim.co/lgtr is where we add all the urls of everyone who has paid $10.  We advertise this rotator in many places on the internet.

Every time a visitor clicks on the rotator link, a different member's LiveGood site will come up.

  • We put a tracking code on your LiveGood url so you will know if you are getting hits to your website because of the rotator advertising that we do for you.
  • The TBR stands for TeamBuildRotator

Please send the payment to Roger's paypal at rpepin7@gmail.com

You can pay for one month or several. It's up to you.

Payment Options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Wise, E-Transfer, or cheque.

You can pay for more than one month if you want to. Roger is keeping track of everyone in a spreadsheet.

I will need the website url you want to promote for LiveGood.

Please let us know once you have made payment so we can verify it's you. Contact us here.

Option #3, $10 Solo Ads

I’m so excited about the lead generation service and the results I’ve been getting. I wake up almost every morning to an email telling me I have new Pre-Enrollees. 

I just want to thank my sponsors for giving us this tools to help build our business. We have the best team, and by far the best products!! 

Connie Oliver (Texas, USA)

The 10DollarSoloAds Service is a sophisticated, targeted, marketing system that shows your ad to "thousands" of potential customers.

Just enter your ad and click the submit button, and their system will go to work. (Don’t have an ad? Their professional ad copy writers will write one for you)

Your ad will be shown to thousands of fresh prospects who have expressed interest in your industry.

Each ad is a “solo ad” and contains only your advertisement.

If you have ever tried to sell something online, then you have probably experienced the frustration of getting people to your website. ***Look no further*** 10DollarSoloAds.com specializes in the best type of highly responsive targeted solo ad campaigns that will get people to your website. 

Click the banner to get started for only $10...

Option, #4 MyVima 

MyVima is pretty simple to set up... great for beginner marketers, or anyone for that fact.

Get your LiveGood website viewed by thousands of people. Start with as little as $10 and a few minutes of your time to view 15 Vima ads.

In addition to possible signups to your Livegood business, you are paid rental fees, so daily you receive a portion of the company's profits.

You eventually earn back your $10 PLUS 25%. You can buy more ad clicks with your earnings, (or withdraw and get paid by cheque or paypal).  We have been mailed checks by MyVima faithfully.

It's just a little income a day but it really adds up and if you buy bigger ad packs and/or refer others, you earn more!

JOIN MyVima here.

Option, #5 Level4Marketers

Level4Marketers is another pretty simple advertising place.  Joining at the free level allows you to send an email to over 3,000 people every few days.

Note: You do have to read other people's email but it's a good place to start if your advertising budget is limited.

Click here for a free account.

Optional: There is an upgraded version that offers a lot more features such as connecting the system to your autoresponder and ways to earn an income using their funnels, but it will cost you $90/year.

We use GetResponse for an autoresponder. 


Option #6 Build Your Own Website

Build a website to promote your business.

Building your own website, like I have done for my Bed and Breakfast on Prince Edward Island, is a big undertaking, and not for everyone, but I have already been approached by someone who wants their own website, so I am including this option as a way for you to build your business.

By the way, she saw my Prince Edward Island website advertised on MyVima so that's proof that advertising on that platform works!

Note:  The LiveGood company would not allow you to build a website just about LiveGood but you could build a website about anything you wanted to and then add LiveGood information like I have done.

The income potential is unlimited when you build your own site as you are in control and can add any income generating opportunities as you want to. Plus you can have google ads on it, sell Etzy stuff, sell your art-work, your hobby creations...the ideas are limited only by your imagination. 

You can even build your website about your offline business.  Many people are doing just that and there are many examples of very successful entrepreneurs using the very same system that I am using. Click here for more information.

LiveGood Business Building "Tid Bits" 

1. Tracking

Did you know you can track where your Livegood website hits and signups are coming from?

LiveGood stats

This is a FANTASTIC way to know what ads are working for you and where.

  • Login to your LiveGood back office.
  • Click on Statistics.

Statistics is where you will see how many hits your website has received.

  • Now click Source Statistics.

Source Statistics will show you where your hits and signups are coming from.

To track an url do this:

Use the url that LiveGood gave you.  In this example it says “linda” because that is the username I chose.  Your username will show up in the link like the one below for linda.


  • Now… where it says, ABC, you simply take off ABC and add on where you are advertising.

For example:  If you are advertising on FaceBook you change the ABC to FB (or whatever you want to use for an advertising code).

So the new url will look like this: https://www.LiveGoodTour.com/linda?SOURCE=FB

Cool eh?

Now in your back office under "Source Statistics" you will see how many hits and signups are coming from Facebook.

You can change the ABC to any other place you are advertising.  You can have as many trackers as you want.

2. LiveGood Bulk Emailing

Did you know that you can email your Live Good referrals all at once?

It is VERY important that you follow-up on your pre-enrollees and upgraded members.

You want to deepen your relationship with them and let them know that you are available to help.

Do not fear that you might not be able to answer their questions.  You can always have them contact support at: support@livegood.com 

You can find your referrals by clicking the "My Referrals" tab in your LiveGood back office.

How to email them all at once.

Some members are emailing their referrals one at a time which is time consuming.  

Do this instead:

  • Copy and paste all your pre-enrollees' emails in a document or spread sheet and name the file so you know where to find them when you want them.
  • When you are ready to email them, simply copy their email, go to your gmail, click on BCC and paste in their emails.

Note: It is important to choose BCC so that everyone you are emailing won't get everyone else's email address.  BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy.


#3. Need Help with LiveGood Ad Titles?

  • This free little tool might not give you the exact title you want but it will generate titles that you can "tweak" a little to fit your audience. At the very least, it should help spark some title ideas for you to use in ad posts and email letters.  
  • Here's a headline analyzer tool that will help you know if you have a pulling headline or a dud. I use it all the time and it's free.

#4. FaceBook - Put your LiveGood link in your FB profile.

  • Go to your Facebook page.
  • Click on "Edit profile" (you will see it on the top right of your FB page).
  • Click on "Edit your about info" (scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see this edit link).
  • Click on "Contact and basic info" (you will see this on the left side panel of your page).
  • Next you will see "Websites and social links" (this is where you enter your LiveGood website url).
  • Click the save button.

LiveGood Business Building Training Videos

More LiveGood Business Tips to Come.