I think PEI might be the place for me

by Monika

I’m a suicide survivor. I lost my husband on Dec., 28, 2012.

I want to leave here with all the bad, sad, memories, and think PEI might be the place for me to start breathing again.

Is it?

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Your Decision to Move to PEI
by: Linda

Hello Monica,

First of all, thank you so much for contacting us. We are so very sorry to hear about your struggles and the loss of your husband.

I'm sure that you are probably ready for a change of some sort in your life. We all need a new direction on occasion.

Although we are very happy that we moved to PEI, we are not therapists or counsellors of any kind, and therefore we hesitate to give you any advice as we do not know what is best for you.

It would be great if you could talk things over with close friends and/or family. Those closest to you would have a better idea of your situation and your needs. Moving to PEI from Ontario is a pretty major decision.

You would be leaving the familiar even though some of your memories are painful. You would be leaving your current support system whether that would be a church family or friends, or relatives. It is not an easy decision for anyone to make especially given the emotional state that you have experienced in the past.

Of course, I do not know your financial situation either. Would you need to get a job? You would need to consider whether you could afford to buy a house or rent here. Although homes are cheaper to buy, rental prices are similar to those in Ontario. They are quite high and in short supply.

If you know someone here in PEI, it would be good to connect with them and ask lots of questions about island living. It is quite different than Ontario depending on what area of the province you are currently living in.

Unless you live in the city center of Charlottetown or Summerside, you would need a car to get around here. Most of PEI is very rural.

We find Prince Edward Island to be a very peaceful place to live. We love the country life as well as the ocean and beaches and farming communities. We are happy we made the decision to move here but it took us four years before we made the move. We had so many things to think about. Even when we made the final decision to move here, we still weren't 100% sure we were making the right decision. Change is scary sometimes.

You may come to the conclusion it is best to stay where you are especially considering the Covid restrictions that are currently in place. You would have to get permission from the PEI government to cross the bridge into the province and then you would have to self isolate for two weeks. That really complicates things when you are wanting to live here permanently.

So again, I encourage you to speak with someone who knows you well and only wants the best for you.



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