LiveGood - The Company That Gives You Healthy Products and Saves You Money

by Keith Stricklen
(Frisco, Texas, United States)

E3 = Energy, Endurance, and Electrolytes.

E3 = Energy, Endurance, and Electrolytes.

Hi, My Name is Keith Stricklen.

I’m a delivery driver for FedEX and was looking for something to give me energy!

A host of our drivers are drinking energy drinks to get them through the day.

I was even finding myself eating candy bars everyday lol!

When you think about just buying one energy drink with an average price of about $3 bucks, you are looking at about $90 bucks a month, and for something that’s not really healthy for you.

As a member of LiveGood, you can get a 30-day supply bottle of E3 for $18 Bucks!

E3 = Energy, Endurance and Electrolytes.

You are saving $72 Bucks a Month.

They have the likes of Super Reds, Super Greens, Organic Coffee, Multi Vitamin for Men/Women. Ultra Magnesium. Plant base Protein, CBD Oils, CBD Oils for Pets, Essential Aminos, Factor 4. Ageless Skin Serum, and More to come!

Now, let’s just look at LiveGood, a company with healthy products.

It costs you $40.00 "one time" and only $9.95 a month.

See, at LiveGood there is no auto-ship required. You can order products anytime you see fit.

You can earn up to 2,047 without recruiting anyone.

With the great products and only $9.95 a Month.

I think everyone who joins this company will share it!

Did you know that you will get 50% Matching Bonus? Meaning, if you refer one person and they make $1500 for the month, you will earn $750 for the month!

Plus, you get paid weekly on your referrals who join you and our team! We have a great team to help you succeed.

You can join LiveGood here.

I am loving my E3 and Super Reds and looking forward to buying some of the other products!

I look forward to you joining our team!


Keith Stricklen

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LiveGood's E3
by: Connie

Hey Kevin

Thanks for the info on the E3.

My grandson works loading trucks for FedEx while going to college, so I’m going to get him some too.

I think the E3 will really help him stay alert after those really early morning hours, then on to school.

There's so many great products from LiveGood and I now have almost all of them and they’ve really have made a difference in how I feel!!

by: Connie

Hello my fellow Texan. Good to see you here. I know of three other Texans here, so we’ll be a force to be reckoned with!!! Anyway just wanted to say hi and welcome !

Thank you for your LiveGood review, Keith.
by: Linda from PEI

Welcome to our team.

You sound so excited about E3 and the business side of LiveGood. Were you drinking E3 while you wrote your testimonial? It sounds like you have enough energy for both of

I'm glad you found E3 to help give you energy while you are working at your FedEx job. Candy bars and energy drinks will make you sick.

May I suggest you check out the links below your submission where you will see a contribution, titled "LiveGood in Texas". Kylan is on our team and is a FedEx driver as well. Tell him about E3 in the comments section under his submission. He might not know about E3.

All the best with your health and business, Keith.
It's great to have you with us.


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