Wanting to Move to Montague, PEI from London, Ontario

by Nancy Domstad
(London ontario)

Yes, I am another one writing to you from ontario but am originally from vancouver island BC with a passion for mountains,ocean and nature.

Since birth I have been moving and living so many places that this is yet another adventure in my life.

Once I became curious about PEI now that I am a 68 year old woman who has been 'retired" for 20 years because of arthritis and fibromyalgia caused by injuries,some severe over a lifetime i have been called resilient.

My dream also has been without understanding how much I have desired in my spirit to live another life in a place of such beauty and slower pace of life.

I continue to gather information and save it online and after having found you accidently I am more certain than ever what the seriousness of my dream is.

Also, my 22 year old daughter is living with me until she can follow her dream to study at the University in Toronto, and work as well
as live there.

She loves city life and I never will. I will never give up in the pursuit of my dream. That time will come.

I have found Montague and where I want live after travelling online for the last few weeks.

Thanks so much for more helpful information added to what I have saved online.

Please stay well and much love to you.


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Hello Nancy re: Your Dream to Live a New Life in PEI
by: Linda

Hi Nancy,

Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with me and my website visitors.

It really helps my readers relate when they can read stories about other people's dreams and emotions and life's circumstances and choices.

You are never too late to dream, Nancy!

Dreams keep us alive and give us a reason to get up each morning.

My life long dream has always been to have a horse. I am 67 years old now and have never stopped wanting a horse!

I told my husband that even if I am too old to ride one I will take it for a walk on a rope!...lol

Montague is a nice place to live in Prince Edward Island. I'm sure you would find a comfortable place to live there.

Before setting your mind on Montague, however, it would be a good idea to come to the Island for a visit with the intent to discover the different cities and towns to get a better idea of where they are located and what they have to offer before you make a final decision.

On a side note, your daughter might consider the University of Prince Edward Island for her studies. It is located in Charlottetown which is PEI's capital city.

Charlottetown is where city life here on the island takes place. It's a far cry from Toronto but it's busy enough that she might like it and you'd have her closer to you which I'm sure you'd love!

One of our daughter's eventually moved to Summerside, Prince Edward Island from Niagara Falls, ON and our oldest daughter is coming for a visit to the island this June.

All the best in your next adventure.
Keep us updated on your journey!


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