We Can Save More in LIVEGOOD and Make More MONEY

by Bernardo Cadiz
(Surrey, BC, Canada)

My Kidneys are Happy!

My Kidneys are Happy!

Hi Linda,

I am Bernardo Cadiz, your fellow Canadian living in Surrey BC. I am a retired "Professional Mechanical Engineer".

When I got the email from Roger, (your Habibi) regarding LIVEGOOD, I opened it immediately and joined.

I see that the food supplements that I use are also available as a product of LIVEGOOD, but it's less in price.

It's my lucky day! Besides saving on my food supplements, I have my own business online that makes me very happy.

Complete Plant-Based Protein is my favourite product. It makes my kidneys happy, especially for a senior like me.

Then, "organic Super Greens and Super Reds" for my whole family!

I have decided to make LIVEGOOD as my own business forever.

The LiveGood company ships products world-wide.
Anyone who wants to have an online business that is SOLID and LEGIT, feel free to visit my website by clicking here.

Roger and Linda, Thank you!

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Great to Know
by: Bernardo

Linda, great to know that you are familiar in my place. It's now called Surrey City.

"Habibi" is an Arabic word.

Thank you for your testimonial, Bernardo.
by: Linda from PEI

Welcome to our LiveGood Team.

I had to google "Habibi" to find out what it meant...

It says, "my love" (sometimes also translated as "my dear," "my darling," or "beloved)."

That sounds so much more romantic than "husband". :)

My family and I moved to Surrey in the 70's. My dad was a salesman back then. He was given that area as his sales territory. We were only there for a year and then moved back to Ontario. He couldn't make a living there because it just wasn't populated like it is today. Things have changed since then!

I am pleased to hear that you are happy with the LiveGood products and the business. Stick with it and you'll be successful and healthy.

Glad to hear that your family is taking the supplements as well. The great thing about the product prices is that we can afford to order them for all of our family.

I look forward to hearing how things go for you.


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