Charlottetown Travel and Parking

Getting to and Getting Around the City of Charlottetown

Store Front Buildings in Downtown Charlottetown in the WinterCharlottetown Downtown in Winter

PEI's Capital City

Charlottetown is PEI's largest city and is the closest to our Apple Tree Chalet Bed and Breakfast

The only other city in Prince Edward Island is Summerside. 

All the rest are smaller towns and villages.

Charlottetown is PEI's capital city and has a population of about 36,000.

It is the birth place of Confederation.

There are many historic buildings in the old downtown core that make for great picture taking.

You'll find live theater, restaurants, shops, parks, a boardwalk, and a host of other fun and interesting things to attract your interest during your Charlottetown travels.

We are creating a thorough list of Charlottetown attractions which you can access here.

How to Get to Charlottetown

Travel by Plane

If you arrive in Prince Edward Island by plane, you would fly into the Charlottetown airport.

It is the only airport in PEI.

If you're like me and get a little intimidated with big airports, don't worry.  This one is just the right size and there are helpful personnel ready to help and direct you.

Taxi Cabs

There is a taxi kiosk in the airport arrival area.

A booth attendant will help you arrange for taxi service right into Charlottetown.

Rent a Car

You can also rent a car from the airport.

It would take approximately twelve minutes to drive to downtown Charlottetown.

Note that it is best to arrange transportation before your actual arrival on the island to ensure there is a vehicle for you.

Charlottetown Downtown Parking

There are several parkade and metered parking spots during week days as well as plenty of free parking in the evenings and weekends.  

Be aware that July and August is Prince Edward Island's peek tourist season.

Open parking spots are a little harder to find so check out this in-depth parking information to help with your parking decisions.

Travel by Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship at Charlottetown PortCruise Ship Docked at Charlottetown Port

If you are traveling to Prince Edward Island by cruise ship, you would arrive at the Charlottetown Port which is within walking distance to the main hub of activities downtown.

Tours and Horse Buggies

There are chartered  bus tours available and horse and carriage rides.

Ride Solar

This Solor Powered Pedal bus requires 8 people to pedal it but accommodates up to 18 riders.

It is a unique "green and clean" way to check out downtown Charlottetown with your family and friends.

The Solar Bus stops at points of interest and restaurants. 

Travel by Amphibious Vehicle

The Amphibious "Harbour Hippo" taking tourists for a rideThe Harbour Hippo

Getting around by way of the fun and unique "Harbour Hippo."

The Hippo is a land and sea amphibious vehicle that will take you about the streets of Charlottetown; Then, splash you into the water for a relaxing ride around the harbour.

Travel by Car Via Bridge

Driving into Charlottetown from Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick, you would cross the Confederation Bridge and arrive in Borden-Carleton, PE.

From there, it is approximately a forty five minute drive to Charlottetown.

Note: For those of you interested in staying at our Bed and Breakfast, we are located approximately half way between the Confederation Bridge and Charlottetown.

Our AirBnB is only twenty five minutes to the downtown area.

Travel by Car Via Ferry Boat

Another travel alternative would be to take the Northumberland Ferry from Caribou, Nova Scotia.  You would arrive in Wood Islands, PE.

From there it would take approximately fourty minutes to drive to Charlottetown.

Travel by Bus 

There are many chartered coaches offering excellent tours of downtown Charlottetown and the surrounding area as well as double decker bus tours.

You could also use the city bus service but the entire downtown area is small enough to walk to most sites you would want to see.

City buses would be more beneficial to those wanting to travel outside of Charlottetown's downtown area.

Travel by Bicycle

If you love cycling, consider renting a bike and choose one of many independent or guided bicycle tours offered by

Bike Rack for locking your bike to if you want to stop to shop or have a bite to eat.Bike Rack

You will find these cute bike racks downtown that you can lock your bike to if you want to shop or stop for a bite to eat.