Prince Edward Island Special Events
Important Notification 

About Dates and Times 

Attention:  Please be advised that the scheduled date and time for the events listed on our Prince Edward Island Events page could change without my knowledge so be sure to contact the organizer to confirm dates before attending.

Important: Check all the events and dates carefully as some events that may be listed under a particular month could also have activities spilling into the next month or in some cases all summer long.

For example:  I might have an event listed in June that is not listed in July but the event is actually happening in the month of June AND the month of July.

Or, in the case of "Anne of Green Gables", the musical lasts from June until September but is only listed in the June section!

Prince Edward Island attracts over a million visitors a year who mostly come during the warm summer months but PEI offers much to do from January to December for tourists and locals alike.

We want to keep you abreast of upcoming Prince Edward Island Special events so you don't miss out on all the fun activities offered each month across the island.

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