Are You Interested in Saving a Child from Sex Trafficking?

sad-childSaving a Child

Who wouldn't be interested in saving a child from sex trafficking? Child sacrifice and organ harvesting is happening worldwide as well. How sick and evil is that!

You can help...

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Linda Pepin -

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When my husband and I first learned about child sex trafficking after watching some videos on the internet, we were devastated.  Our first reaction was heart wrenching tears; then, immediately we wanted to know how we could help in saving a child from this evil multimillion dollar business. 

Saving a Child - The Sound of Freedom

We wanted to know who we could contact.

Who were the front-line workers in the war against these sick and deranged perpetrators of these innocent little children?

As time passed, we didn't forget about these children, but we really didn't know how we could help until we came across and were introduced to "The Sound of Freedom" documentary/movie.

Watch the trailer below...

The Mission of "Saving a Child" is Clear and Urgent.

We were thrilled to have found a way to help save the children.  We joined the community of likeminded people dedicated to making a real impact in the lives of vulnerable children around the world.

The mission of "Saving a Child" is clear and urgent: to prevent and rescue children from the horrors of sex trafficking, organ harvesting, slavery, and other forms of exploitation.

As a member of "Saving a Child", we believe that collective action can drive significant change.

Every day, countless children suffer unimaginable hardships, and it's our duty to stand up, raise our voices, and take tangible steps to bring them safely to freedom.

Through our efforts, we aim to raise awareness, provide support, and contribute to the vital work of organizations on the front lines fighting against these injustices.

Our approach is simple yet powerful...

By uniting as a global community of caring individuals, we can make a meaningful impact.

We Invite YOU to Become a Monthly Member of Saving a Child

Millions of people have watched "The Sound of Freedom" movie but how many of them know how to help the children even though they want to?

For just $12.99, a membership to "Saving a Child" not only provides the opportunity to join a network of like-minded individuals, but also ensures that your contribution directly supports our mission of saving a child.

Here's how it works: 50% of the profits from your membership will go towards building and growing our team. As we expand our reach and influence, we can extend our support to more children in need.

The other 50% will be dedicated to nonprofit organizations tirelessly fighting on the front lines to rescue, protect, and rehabilitate these young lives.

Our ultimate goal is ambitious yet achievable: to reach millions of monthly members who are committed to making a difference by saving as many children as possible.

Together, we have the power to generate substantial resources that will fuel the fight against child trafficking and exploitation.

With every new member who joins, we grow stronger and more effective in our mission. As a member of, you are not just a part of a community; you are an advocate for change.  You could literally save a child from the horrors of sex trafficking and that child could be from your own town or city!

Your commitment matters, your voice matters, and your support matters. By standing together, we can be a beacon of hope for those who need it the most.

We can be a light in the darkness.  Our force for good could defeat the forces of evil.

Please consider joining us on this journey to create a safer world for our precious children. Your membership in Saving a Child is a pivotal step towards positive change, and we would be grateful to have you on board.

Please feel free to explore our website, learn more about our initiatives, and engage with our community.

If you have any questions, or need help getting started, do not hesitate to contact me. Together we can help save the lives of these little children crying out for help.